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When it comes to real estate investments, the decision to venture into a new market can be daunting. For Longmont, CO-based investors seeking to diversify their portfolio and maximize their returns, exploring opportunities beyond their local market is essential. One such lucrative market worth considering is Kansas City, renowned for its affordable real estate, growing economy, and steady rental demand. With Turnkey Property Group specializing in providing newly renovated and cash-flowing rental properties in Kansas City, out-of-state investors can benefit from a hassle-free investment experience. Let's delve into the advantages of investing in Kansas City and explore how it compares to the existing investment landscape in Longmont, CO.

The Benefits of Investing in Kansas City

Real estate investment is about maximizing returns while minimizing the responsibilities and headaches that come with property management. Turnkey Property Group understands this and has positioned itself as the go-to passive income partner for out-of-state investors. Here are some compelling reasons why Kansas City is an attractive investment destination:

Affordable Real Estate Market:

Kansas City offers an affordable real estate market compared to many other metropolitan areas in the country. The lower entry costs make it easier for investors to diversify their portfolio and potentially acquire multiple properties for the price of one in a more expensive market like Longmont, CO. Additionally, the affordable nature of the Kansas City market allows for a higher cash-on-cash return on investment, translating to better yields for investors.

Steady Rental Demand:

The rental market in Kansas City remains robust, with a steady demand for single-family rental properties. With a growing population and a strong job market, the need for quality rental housing continues to rise. This presents an opportunity for investors to secure reliable long-term rental income, creating a stable and consistent cash flow stream.

Turnkey Investment Opportunities:

Turnkey Property Group specializes in providing turnkey investment opportunities in Kansas City. Their focus on newly renovated properties with management already in place ensures that investors can seamlessly enter the market without the hassle of dealing with renovations or tenant placement. This hands-off approach allows investors to enjoy the benefits of real estate ownership without the day-to-day management responsibilities, making it an appealing option for out-of-state investors.

Comparable Market Analysis - Longmont, CO vs. Kansas City:

To better understand the potential advantages of investing in Kansas City relative to Longmont, CO, a comparative analysis can shed light on the differences between the two markets.

Rental Yield and Cash Flow:

In Longmont, CO, where the real estate market has seen significant appreciation in recent years, the rental yield may not be as favorable compared to Kansas City. The higher property prices in Longmont could potentially lead to lower cash flow for investors. Conversely, the affordable real estate market in Kansas City can provide a more attractive rental yield, leading to a higher passive income potential for investors.

Property Management Hassles:

Managing rental properties from a distance can be challenging and time-consuming. With Turnkey Property Group's presence in Kansas City, investors can benefit from professional property management services, effectively reducing the burden of long-distance property ownership. In comparison, managing properties in Longmont, CO from a distance may pose logistical challenges, potentially leading to increased time and effort required to oversee the investments.

Market Performance and Economic Growth:

While both Longmont, CO and Kansas City have exhibited growth in their respective economies, the relatively lower cost of living and business-friendly environment in Kansas City may present opportunities for sustained economic growth and increasing property values. This, in turn, can positively impact the return on investment for real estate investors.


For out-of-state investors seeking passive income opportunities in the robust real estate market of Kansas City, partnering with Turnkey Property Group can provide a seamless entry into the market. The combination of affordable properties, steady rental demand, and professional property management services positions Kansas City as an attractive investment destination. By leveraging the expertise and resources of Turnkey Property Group, investors can benefit from a hands-off investment experience while tapping into the potential of a thriving rental market.

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