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Our Additional Services

At Turnkey Property Group, we have spent years fine-tuning our operations and creating templates and detailed projection materials to share with our fellow real estate investors. Please refer to our menu of services below and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.

Value Reporting - $115/Property

Are you looking to refinance your portfolio, initiate a 1031 exchange, or sell your investment property? We will prepare a detailed valuation report based on recent sales and rental income, backed by our licensed brokerage.

Scope of Work Library - $325

Choose from our completed scope of work library based off of square footage and bedroom/bathroom count.

Property Condition Report - $115

This option is great if you have a rental property in Kansas City and want to find out the current condition to see if any repairs or upkeep is needed.

Scope of Work Drafting - $450

After 6 years of experience and renovating over 150 properties, we have made our scope of work drafting down to science. If you are ready to renovate a property and want an experienced investor to assist you with drafting a scope of work from start to finish, do not hesitate to reach out.

Rehab Consultation - $150/hour

Utilize our expertise if you are considering renovating a property from start to finish.

Rental Projections - $85

Do you have a potential rental property you are wanting to purchase? Reach out to ask us to create a proforma projection of the rental income.

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