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Invest in KC: Internationally Recognized Influence

UNESCO Creative City of Music Kansas City recognized for having rich musical history, especially in jazz music.
KC Logo Designed by Hallmark Artist John Wagner

One of the things that makes Kansas City a great place to invest is its rich cultural history. A part of that history is how innovative and creative Kansas City has been in music. In October 2017, Kansas City was bestowed the honor of becoming a United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization’s ‘Creative City’ Designee for not only being a centerpiece in the history of jazz music, but also housing 60% of all art and culture organizations in the region. On UNESCO’s website, it also mentions that UMKC is “one of the most respected music conservatories in the country emphasizing jazz internationally.” Also included in Kansas City’s UNESCO profile is how much KC’s cultural involvement adds value to the city. This includes the utilization of the love of music to enhance cultural district development, implementation of the Jazz Corridor, economic development plans for historical tourism, and engaging with other Creative Cities. In March 2018, Kansas City was designated as UNESCO’s only “Creative City of Music” in the United States, further solidifying its international recognition as an important and influential showcase of uniqueness and innovation.

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