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Turnkey Tuesday - Explore Your Options

In an article for Forbes magazine by Alex Hemani, he illustrates the vast opportunities that are presented to turnkey investors. At the foundation of his article is single family rental property investment, which is our specialty here at Turnkey Property Group. He goes into the ways that individuals can invest in these properties: going at it alone; only being assisted during the acquisition process; or full-service turnkey investing. Being on your own requires extensive research and free time. Initially, having professional help in the acquisitions stage can save a lot of headache. Being able to bypass the steps necessary to find and lock down a property frees up a lot of time, especially in other markets. An important thing he notes is that after the initial process, the workload of financial projections, finding reliable construction teams, property rehabilitation, finding a tenant, finding a buyer, and finding a management company falls upon the investor. When you invest in a turnkey company, you are working with an experienced group of real estate professionals that have a firm grasp of the current state of the market, including specific sub-markets with growth potential, have relationships with various real estate professionals, and have access to ample resources they use to make the process as efficient for all parties as possible. Real estate investing is also a great diversification strategy for any portfolio, as it mitigates the risks of a volatile stock market by providing you with passive income streams. Also, during periods of financial unrest, rental properties become even more of a viable option for families.

Turnkey Property Group offers turnkey real estate solutions to your passive income needs. Diversify your portfolio by taking advantages of opportunities in investment real estate.

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